10 St Patrick's Day Dos And Don'ts

13/03/2014 17:57 | Updated 16 March 2015
st patrick day mass

Are you celebrating St Patrick's Day? Of course you are. You're only human.

But whether you're drinking, parading, drinking, partying or drinking, be sure to follow our 10 top tips...

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  • 1. DO get your supply of Guinness in early
  • 2. DO get to the front of the bar by telling people you're someone important
  • 3. DON'T be alarmed if you see a child with a beard
  • 4. DO wear your best hat
  • 5. DON'T be afraid to make your costume stand out
  • 6. DO indulge in some exercise you can enjoy
  • 7. DON'T worry if your city's river looks like this
  • 8. DO celebrate like an Irishman, not an American
  • 9. DON'T forget to raise a glass to other great Patricks, too
  • 10. DO remember: there's always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

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