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Survey Reveals Names Of Worst Behaved Kids In The Classroom

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A survey has revealed the names of the worst behaved kids in the country's classrooms.

The study by School Stickers, a company which makes school reward stickers for well-behaved children, found that students called Abigail and Jacob were most likely to be the teachers' pets.

The children most likely to be troublesome in the classroom were Scott and Beth. Children whose names are shortened are also supposedly more badly behaved.

The top 10 best and worst names are:

Worst girls

1. Beth

2. Lydia

3. Abbie

4. Paige

5. Courtney

6. Georgina

7. Alice

8. Leah

9. Sophie

10. Zoe

Worst boys

1. Josh

2. Scott

3. Sam

4. Alex

5. Tom

6. Robert

7. Luke

8. Bradley

9. Jordan

10. David

Best girls

1. Abigail

2. Louise

3. Rachel

4. Elizabeth

5. Anna

6. Nicole

7. Lucy

8. Victoria

9. Jessica

10. Natasha

Best boys

1. Jacob

2. Nathan

3. Samuel

4. Alexander

5. Christopher

6. Adam

7. Ryan

8. Liam

9. Michael

10. Joshua

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