12 Of The Biggest Everyday Student Dilemmas

17/03/2014 15:47 | Updated 17 March 2014
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Maintaining a student lifestyle can be tough; juggling money, mates, sleep and uni can leave you with some difficult decisions.

Even the easiest of decisions are blown up into monumental, life-changing events. Do I get a takeaway or another drink? Should I spend my money on value vodka or fake tan? Do I swipe right to my seminar crush on Tinder?!

Student life revolves around the next student loan and next night out. Yes, students do want to learn but they also want to have fun. When you're paying £9000 a term, you need to make the most of the free time (ahem, private study time) you're given, as you probably won't get this many free hours again. This can result in every decision becoming an immense pressure and attending lectures can sometimes seem like the biggest dilemma of all.

Most of these #firstworldproblems revolve around money and laziness - two key issues. Students are constantly told decisions at university can profoundly change you as a person, they're part of growing up and character building, and so on.

But your most important issues - whether you should wear your killer heels tonight - probably isn't what they meant.

We can all relate to these dilemmas, (who doesn't freak over their poor budgeting skills?) and all have different ways of dealing with them, some descend into a Mariah-esque strop, others silently sob into their textbooks, but its best to remember how trivial these problems are.

Your mid-lecture "costa coffee is SHUT" crisis may seem like a big deal, but in the wider scheme of things, if dilemmas like these are your biggest issues, you're pretty lucky.

  • 1 Extending your overdraft or phoning you parents
    The tough choice between begging your dad for money, and having to justify how you spent £400 of your loan on an iPad, or extending your overdraft and taking the debt.
  • 2 Deciding between heating and dinner
    You can't be bothered to top up your gas card and there's only £2.50 left on the meter. Do you wrap up in fifteen layers and leave the heating off, or just skip cooking supper?
  • 3 Whether to take your jacket on a night out
    The nights are cold, and although you may think booze might numb the feeling, you'll leave the club wanting warmth. Do you take a coat out - stashing it under a seat or carrying it around all night - or brave the bad weather?
  • 4 Go into uni or "work from home"
    You've got a 9am lecture, which they won't take the register in. It takes you an hour to get too and from uni, and you'll be so knackered from the early lecture that you won't do any more work. Do you stay at home and trust yourself to "use your time" productively, or go into uni and face doing nothing else for the whole day?
  • 5 Deciding what film to watch
    In one of the few evenings you've chosen not to go out, you fancy watching a film. The problem is, each housemate wants a different one. Do you settle for a lame crowd-pleasing comedy or fight till the death for your film?
  • 6 Do a wash or buy more pants
    You don't really have the time or the energy to do your washing, especially when the likelihood of it drying in a day is slim. Do you wait around for your wash or hop to Primark for some new clothes?
  • 7 Get the train or the megabus home
    Megabuses are dirt cheap, allowing you to splash your cash on a final night out before the holidays BUT they're usually double the length and the clientelle leave a lot to be desired. Do you tackle the long, potentially smelly Megabus or take an easy ride on the train?
  • 8 Raid your friend's food cupboard or go to the shop
    You're hungover, in your pyjamas and starving. You look in the freezer to find an alluring tub of ice cream. Do you eat it and risk the wrath of your housemate or go out and buy your own?
  • 9 Take your card out or risk running out of money
    You always think you've had a cheap night until you check your bank statement. To avoid this, do you leave your card at home and hope that you'll remember to save enough for a taxi?
  • 10 Buy dinner or save your money for takeaway on the way home
    You will inevitably get a takeaway after your night out but you also want to line your stomach for the night ahead. Do you save yourself for later, skimping on the calories, or tuck-in two times?
  • 11 Stand in a queue for the womens toilet or sneak into the mens
    Nobody can really explain why the female toilets are always busier. Surely the amount of people retouching their makeup, is balanced by the amount of women who go to the loo together in clubs. Queueing can take hours. Do you wait it out or sneak into the boys, hoping nobody will judge?
  • 12 Deciding which Instagram filter to use
    Your selfies from last night need a little "shoozhing" before they make their public debut - you're faced with a critical decision. Do you use Brannan or Lo-Fi to make your pictures ridiculously cool?
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