Missing Plane MH370: The Faces Behind The Names On Board Malaysia Airlines Flight

18/03/2014 16:21 | Updated 18 March 2014

As the world's media sends itself into a frenzy over the disappearance of Malaysia Airline's Flight MH370, it is easy to forget the individuals involved in the continuous slew of speculation.

Devoted Aussie grandparents on holiday with friends, a couple with a baby waiting at home, teenage sweethearts starting school together in Beijing, young children taking their first flights – they all disappeared 11 days ago, and investigators are no closer to finding them.

There were 14 different nationalities among the 227 passengers and 12 crew travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with 153 Chinese nationals.

As their families threaten to go on hunger strike in a desperate bid for information from the shambolic Malaysian authorities, we put the faces to the names of some of those missing in an effort to remember that these people are somebody's mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife or friend and not just another set of tragic statistics.

  • Xiaomo Bai and Muktesh Mukherjee: The Canadian parents
  • Yue Wenchao: The long distance boyfriend visiting his girlfriend
  • Hadrien Wattrelos, 17, and Zhao Yan, 18: The teenage lovers
  • Guan Huajin: The brilliant engineer
  • Wang Moheng: The toddler just shy of his second birthday
  • Zaharie Ahmad Shah: The captain of MH370
  • Andrew Nari: The chief flight attendant whose desperate daughter tweeted 'come home daddy'
  • Paul Weeks: The engineer starting his dream job
  • Philip Wood: The IBM employee living in Kuala Lumpur
  • Fariq Abdul Hamid: The co-pilot due to marry the love of his life
  • Cathy and Bob Lawton: The doting grandparents on their dream holiday

Eleven days after contact was lost with the Boeing 777, authorities have made little progress.

At a news conference this morning, Malaysia's Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the air and surface search area was being expanded and that more countries had been asked to examine radar data.

The hunt now comprises of an area 2.24 million square nautical miles - slightly larger than the size of Australia.

Malaysia Airlines Flight Disaster In Pictures

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