32 Happy Dogs To Celebrate International Day Of Happiness (PICS, VIDEOS, GIFS)

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When it comes to being happy in the moment, not worrying about the future and taking pleasure in simply existing, we could all learn something from the Dalai Lama dogs.

So we can think of no better way to celebrate International Day Of Happiness than by rounding up pictures, GIFs and videos of the world's happiest dogs. And they are...

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  • 1
    This dog getting a head massage
  • 2
    This dog bouncing through wheat fields
  • 3
    This dog in the sunshine
  • 4
    (And this one)
  • 5
    This dog celebrating its birthday
  • 6
    This dog on a water slide
  • 7
    This dog skipping
  • 8
    This dog with a toothy grin
  • 9
    This dog stealing chicken nuggets
  • 10
    This dog bouncing up stairs
  • 11
    This dog having a bath
  • 12
    This dog playing on a forbidden bed
  • 13
    This dog with a benevolent smile
  • 14
    This dog with a cheesy smile
  • 15
    This dog watching a table tennis game
  • 16
    This dog relaxing by the pool
  • 17
    This dog playing fetch all by itself...
  • 18
    ...and this one doing the same
  • 19
    This dog swinging on a chain
  • 20
    This dog eating
  • 21
    This dog jumping from sofa to sofa
  • 22
    This dog going down a slide
  • 23
    This dog on the left
  • 24
    This dog dancing
  • 25
    This dog rolling down a hill
  • 26
    This dog in his little house
  • 27
    This dog on a trampoline
  • 28
    This dog play-fighting
  • 29
    This dog that's happy to see you
  • 30
    Nathan, the hairless dancing dog
  • 31
    Cooper, the dog on the right
  • 32
    This dog flying
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