University Bucket List: 30 Things Every Student MUST Do

26/03/2014 10:03 | Updated 26 March 2014
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University: 'the best years of your life'.

At least that's what everyone seems to say! Students are always hearing adults banging on about how their time at university passed by in the blink of an eye, and how they wished they'd done more when they were there. Well it's true that for most people that their university experience only lasts 3 years. In the grand scheme of things this really isn't very much time at all. So don't let it go to waste!

To ensure that you leave university with no regrets, here at the Huffington Post we have come up with a University Bucket List. On this list are 30 tasks to complete before you start life in 'the real world'. By ticking them all off, then hopefully you will also leave university with fond memories.

  • 1 Do something for charity
    Whether it be a sponsored run, organising a fundraising event, a jailbreak, or shaking a bucket in the street, get involved with your university's charities committee and help do your bit for those less fortunate than you.
  • 2 Prank your housemates
    Ryan Carter
    A must do. Make a fool out of your housemates or do something to their room whilst they're away for the weekend. If you can do anything on the scale of these then we'll be very, very impressed.
  • 3 Get freshers' flu
    Not something you want to get, but it has to happen whilst you're at university. Otherwise you're just not doing it right.
  • 4 Do the centurion
    1 shot of beer each minute for 100 minutes whilst dressed in a toga. Not for the faint-hearted.
  • 5 Be the last person dancing in a club
    Prove you can be the last man/woman standing and make it until the end of the night.
  • 6 Do a lecture yourself
    Take a leaf out of this guy's book and lead a lecture yourself. Make sure the lecturer isn't actually there though or you may land yourself in hot water.
  • 7 Learn to cook
    It's probably the most valuable life skill you'll ever need. Better get cracking!
  • 8 Get thrown out of a club
    Another that's a must just to say you've done it. Just don't get thrown out for fighting, that's not cool.
  • 9 Make some incredible fancy dress
    There are so many times you can wear fancy dress at university. There are not when you leave. Make the most of it and create a costume to remember!
  • 10 Wake up and not know where you are
    A classic student moment that needs to happen to everyone. Hopefully you're not anywhere too bad.
  • 11 Wake up in another country
    Cavendish Press
    Slightly more extreme, follow in Luke Harding's footsteps and wake up in another country.
  • 12 Watch a whole TV series in one day
    Warning: Do not do this just before a deadline or in exam season.
  • 13 Go on tour
    Go on tour with a sports club. You probably won't remember it but other people will tell you that it was a great laugh.
  • 14 Learn to budget
    Again another valuable life skill you'll need to learn at university. Know when you can afford another drink. and when you should say you can't go out tonight.
  • 15 Go on a blind date
    Why not? It might be great.
  • 16 Rinse your student card for all it's worth
    You've only got a few years' worth of student discounts, use them while you can!
  • 17 Make your own alcohol
    Brew your own beer or ake your own Skittles vodka. Cheap, but taste can vary.
  • 18 Try something new
    Take advantage the many clubs and societies on offer an university and try something new. Learn to breakdance or skydive, take up a new language, learn a martial art or join a drama society. The choices are endless.
  • 19 Have a house party
    Invite a load of your mates and have a good old house party. Just make sure you don't advertise it on the internet.
  • 20 Do the walk of shame
    Or the stride of pride, got laid parade, g-spot trot. Whatever you want to call it it's still embarrassing when you see someone you know.
  • 21 Down a pint upside down
    All your friends will find it hilarious when it comes back out of your nose! Just don't do the same as this guy.
  • 22 Get with someone in your lectures
    Your friends will have a field day.
  • 23 Eat so much you think you'll die
    Have night where you just pig out and eat yourself into a coma. For bonus points attempt to create an Epic Mealtime. Incredibly satisfying but you might regret it the next day.
  • 24 Go to a lecture in something outrageous
    Go in black tie. Go in fancy dress. Go in your pyjamas. Whatever you wear you'll look like an idiot, but it will be funny. Even better, turn it into a stunt to cheer everyone else up.
  • 25 Get with someone in each year
    Fresher, second year, third year, fourth year. And if you can the elusive PhD student.
  • 26 Get put to bed by your mates
    This will almost definitely lead to you completing number 10. Two birds, one stone.
  • 27 Host a dinner party
    For something a bit different make it a Tinder party (each invite someone you met on Tinder) or a stranger party (each invite someone no-one else knows).
  • 28 Visit a mate at another university
    Go and see how other universities compare to yours. It's amazing how different your experiences can be.
  • 29 Do a dissertation
    And inevitably hate it. It will be a great feeling when it's over, until you realise you're getting your mark tomorrow.
  • 30 Get a degree
    Don't forget that you're paying a hell of a lot of money to go to university. Don't waste it! Make sure you come out of it with the degree you want.
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