28/03/2014 23:35 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby's First Word Is 'Asda'! (Video)

A baby's first word is one of the most special moments of a parent's life. Can you remember what yours said?

We bet it wasn't half as memorable as the one five-month-old Imogen Barnes came out with: 'Asda!'

Yep, Asda. The supermarket giant. Then she said it again.

The special – and surprising – moment was caught on camera by little Imogen's grandmother, Sandra.

In the film, Sandra can be seen talking to baby Imogen about going to the supermarket.The little girl babbles back but then suddenly clearly says: "Asda!".

Imogen's mum, Rachel Holland, said: "She was looking after Imogen and filmed loads of videos on her phone because Imogen had found her voice and was babbling away.

"As soon as I came home, mum said 'Oh my God you have got to look at this video!'

"I couldn't believe it when Imogen said 'Asda'. She said it twice. It was her first word and she hasn't said anything else since!"

Rachel and her partner Mark Barnes, from Valley Park, Southampton, regularly shop at the supermarket's Eastleigh branch.

She said: "I'm always at Asda! We do all our food shopping there and I love the George baby outfits too. They're really good quality."

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube, most viewers have found the clip cute.

However, others have been less kind, with one Twitter user calling it 'heartbreaking', while another wrote: 'how disappointed'.