Amaze-Balls! Girl Juggles Five Basketballs With Her FEET (Video)

25/11/2017 06:18 GMT

Prepare for your jaw to hit the floor as you watch this utterly mesmerising and mind-boggling display of skill as a girl juggles five basketballs – with her FEET!

While most of us might be hard-pressed to balance two of the mega-sized balls, the teenager here lies down on a bench, performs some impressive warm-up splits, and then proceeds to dazzle.

First, she casually balances a ball on each foot, before picking up three more in her hands and juggling with them.

Then in a startling display of co-ordination, she gradually starts bringing the balls she has balanced on her feet into play.

By the end of the YouTube clip, she's full-on juggling, hurling balls from her feet to her hands and back again.

At the end, she carefully and deliberately drops each ball to the floor, before getting up and casually walking off as if her awesome skills were the most natural thing in the world.