What's The Best Thing To Eat And Drink On A Hangover?

04/04/2014 16:14 | Updated 21 May 2014
SensorSpot via Getty Images

While there are those rare, precious days when your body doesn't feel the brunt of all that drinking you did the night before, the majority of hangovers range from painful headaches to 'why is the apocalypse happening inside my head?'.

For those days, rather than calling in sick or clutching your sofa while watching re-runs of Friends, you can lessen the pain by being savvy about your diet choices. Also, do note these won't 'cure' your hangover'

Here we take a look at the top 11 lifesavers (and DO follow the one about orange juice). And who knows, you just might make it through the day without barfing.

The Best Foods to Ease a Hangover


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