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Cigar-Shaped UFO Filmed Flying Out Of Volcano Could Be An Alien But Definitely Isn't (VIDEO)

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A UFO botherer in America has created a 30 minute film of a shorter paused film and claimed it is extra-terrestrials entering a well-known alien base.

Despite clearly being a quick clip being scrolled very slowly forward, Anna Toth claims the were "seen on live cam slowly moving upward over the mouth of the volcano".

She writes: "The 29 minutes of footage is mind-blowing There are two live cams that I know of and I will include their links above.



"The mouth of the volcano is about 600 meters across and 25 km at the volcanos base, so that would make these UFOs about 40-50 meters long.

"This volcano is famous for its UFOs entering and exiting the area, and is well know (sic) to UFO researches that an alien base exists 4-6 km below. I myself did look at the cam yesterday, but didn't get lucky. "

Let's just go over that again: " alien base exists 4-6 km below."

Someone should alert the authorities.

Actually, you know what is 4-6 km below volcanos? Rocks. Which is almost certainly what this is.

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