Luisa Zissman Denies That She Is A Sex Addict, Says There's Nothing Wrong With Having 'Too Much Sex'

20/04/2014 10:25 | Updated 20 April 2014

Luisa Zissman has dismissed the idea that she is a sex addict.

The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star has revealed in an interview with Fabulous magazine that following her split from her businessman ex-husband, she saw a counsellor who suggested that she may have had a sex addiction.

luisa zissman

Luisa Zissman

However, Luisa remains unconvinced, and added that she isn’t sure whether sex addiction actually exists.

Luisa has never shied away from talking about her sex life in the past, and has previously discussed attending London sex parties earlier in her life.

During her time in the ‘CBB’ house back in January, Luisa’s racy antics - including her steamy “truth or dare” snog with Jasmine Waltz and taking a shower with Dappy - were one of the show’s biggest talking points.

Luisa also revealed in the interview that she considers herself to be a role model to other women.

When asked whether she considers herself a role model, Luisa - who runs her own business and finished in second place on 'The Apprentice' said: “Yes, I know that I sometimes do some crazy s**t, but I’d like to think that I really inspire other girls to be financially independent.

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