Daniel Radcliffe Reveals He Rarely Speaks To 'Harry Potter' Co-Star Emma Watson (VIDEO)

07/05/2014 13:16 | Updated 07 May 2014

Daniel Radcliffe has revealed he hasn't spoken to his 'Harry Potter' co-star Emma Watson in 'quite a while' and admitted he's more interested in meeting 'new people now'.

The 24-year-old actor confessed that after spending a decade together filming the 'Harry Potter' films, he now enjoys the company of others.

daniel radcliffe emma watson

Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson

And he also admitted that although he's still associated with 'Harry Potter' by a lot of fans, he feels he's beginning to break away from always being associated with the movie franchise.

"I don't want that to drop off, really. But I think people are starting to see me as an actor who came out of that series rather than just Harry Potter."

And if you're a Potter nut, don't expect anything romantic to ever happen with the star as he's also ruled out ever dating a fan.
He said: "That would be a horrible move. It would make me very strange."

Daniel Radcliffe's Style Evolution

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