Simon Cowell To Have More Children? Lauren Silverman Reveals He ‘Wants A Girl Very Badly'

10/05/2014 10:47 | Updated 10 May 2014

Lauren Silverman has revealed that she and Simon Cowell might add to their family in coming years, explaining that the ‘X Factor’ judge would like to have another baby - preferably a girl.

Lauren, the mother to Simon’s first-born son Eric, has also revealed that despite the fact he previously claimed he wouldn’t be going near any stinky nappies, Si is actually a hands-on dad.

lauren silverman simon cowell

Simon and Lauren

Lauren, who has rarely spoken about her relationship with Simon, also explained that she had been longing for another child for a while.

The US socialite was previously married to Andrew Silverman, though the pair divorced after her relationship with Simon was revealed.

Lauren and Simon now split their time between the US and the UK.

While a number of Simon’s business ventures have been incredibly successful, the ‘X Factor’ inspired musical 'I Can't Sing' hasn't been a hit with fans and it was recently announced that the show will close after just 7 weeks on the West End stage.

Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman

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