UFO Footage From Russia Is Definitely An Alien Craft. Possibly...

11/05/2014 17:32 | Updated 11 May 2014

Ok, this one has to be real.

Eerie footage from an industrial site in Prokopyevsky, Russia, shows a mysterious orb floating past a CCTV camera - and then returning.

Theories are rife with many posting under the clip on YouTube...

"This is like what my friend and I seen 1963. We were 15 & a light floating in the air that looked like this one followed us down the street late one night, stopping when we did. We thought someone was shining a torch onto the fences, then both simultaneously noticed it move towards us in mid air. We then ran for our lives, thinking it was a ghost coming from a nearby cemetery. I recently read a book titled Ztingar that has been the most amazing and logical explanation to UFOs I've ever read."

A slightly more extravagant explanation states...

"I see up to 12 of these a day in Shrewsbury UK, you can call them, they respond to telepathic communication.They generally appear at night in order to evade detection by a paranoid and largely hostile military. They are probes sent out from ET mother-ships, and are here simply to catalogue the state of the biosphere-earth and even to monitir human emotions, as well as behaviour."

Ok then...

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