Katie Hopkins Tells Cambridge Students: The Elite System Is Fantastic

15/05/2014 11:26 | Updated 15 May 2014
Danny Martindale via Getty Images

Being her usual controversial self, a visit to Cambridge University was too good for Katie Hopkins to pass up without making some kind of offensive comment.

The er, what is it she's famous for again?, told a room packed full of students she thought the "elite system is fantastic", and then threw in a fat jibe for good measure, saying "I don't really like fat people".

Prior to her performance, she offered up this bizarre nugget of information for her Twitter followers to digest:

She told her young audience: "I don't like women who complain." Right. So by that reasoning, you're probably not much of a fan about yourself then, Katie?

She continued: "I believe preserving an elite system is a fantastic thing.

"Do I want this place to be judged by the number of state school kids? Hell no. I want it to be judged on what you guys achieve when you leave.

"There's a league table that says those who have more state schools are better. That's a social mobility policy and I don't believe that.

"If it gets to a point where Cambridge is lowering its entrance requirements to increase its quota of state school kids I think that is wrong."

But, it seems her Highness enjoyed herself - and what else matters?

Katie Hopkins At Cambridge
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