10 Things That University Of Leeds Students Will Miss Most When They Graduate

20/05/2014 09:25 | Updated 20 May 2014

The University of Leeds combines impressive Russell Group credentials with a vast array of locations to drink, party and generally enjoy student life.

Its buzzing city teems with fun-loving young people, making it virtually impossible not to have an unforgettable degree experience.

The campus offers something for everyone. There is gorgeous architecture (Ziff Building) and functional architecture (Roger Stevens). There are places for cheap bites (Terrace) and overpriced snacks (Essentials). The well-equipped union and 24 hour libraries means that, thankfully, having to ever leave it is not a given.

If you want to spend all day looking deep in thought, with a laptop and latte, the Hidden Café is an appropriately hipster hangout. Alternatively, when you actually want to get work done, then the sometimes sweltering and always-stuffy Edward Boyle will not let you down. Though genuine hard work is only ever accomplished in the immediate run up to a deadline, the university’s great facilities leave no room for complaints.

Despite this, students love a moan. Let us not forget that waking up late, turning up to the odd lecture and buying a ready meal from Sainsbury’s Local requires a tremendous amount of energy. This struggle is nothing, however, when the adult world is taken into consideration.

With deadlines approaching and exams on the horizon, there has never been a better time to procrastinate. So, let the reminiscing begin and forget the horrifying prospect of a 9 till 5 for just a while longer. Here are 10 things Leeds students will miss most when they graduate.

  • 1 1. The paradise of Hyde Park, with cider, in the sun.
    Csondy via Getty Images
    An Instagram loaded with sunglasses, Bulmers and clichéd hashtags is a mandatory part of summer in Leeds.
  • 2 2. Being congratulated for turning up to a 9am seminar.
    Tom Merton via Getty Images
    Extra props for accomplishing this when rain, hangovers and climbing Royal Park Road make life a monumental struggle i.e every day.
  • 3 3. The gourmet delicacy that is an Old Bar burger.
    Reese Ashlynn via Getty Images
    Its meaty goodness, oozing with cheese, will always result in a fiver well spent.
  • 4 4. The freedom to attend every Fruity Friday without shame.
    Jirka Matousek/Flickr
    The real world will judge you for indulging in cheap vodka and cheesy tunes on a weekly basis.
  • 5 5. The elation at successfully locating a plug socket in Eddy B during exam time.
    Image Source/Seb Oliver via Getty Images
    Finding one provides a perfect example of determination and tenacity that is suitable for any interview.
  • 6 6. The ability to pull off bizarre and mismatching clothes all in the name of sustaining Leeds’ edgy reputation.
    University of Salford/Flickr
    Offices tend to be less forgiving of scrunchies, oversized denim jackets and garish leggings.
  • 7 7. The manic lunchtime queues to see what daily delight Bakery 164 has in store.
    JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images
    Do not let anybody tell you that the fresh focaccia bread is not what dreams are made of.
  • 8 8. The genuine feeling of victory that comes from returning after a night out to find you have not been burgled.
    Compassionate Eye Foundation/Martin Barraud via Getty Images
    Living in Hyde Park yet being too stingy for insurance provides a terrifying thrill not every student is lucky enough to experience.
  • 9 9. The sheer number of establishments dedicated to drinking.
    Roy Mehta via Getty Images
    The Otley Run is incomparable, leaving you spoilt for choice and your liver spoilt for good.
  • 10 10. The knowledge that your university beats all others.
    Leeds Alumni
    Best union, best people, best city, best nightlife – it is hard not to pity students elsewhere.
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