Who Won The European Elections 2014? The UK's European Parliament Results In Full

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Ukip has swept the European elections, taking 4,351,204 votes, ahead of Labour by around 300,000 votes., roughly the same number of votes that Ed Miliband's party bested the Conservatives by.

David Cameron was beaten in the third place for the first time in living memory, with his coalition partner the Lib Dems losing all but one of their 10 MEPs, their vote share down by 6.8%.

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A ballot box containing votes in local elections is emptied at Trinity School in Croydon

The BNP suffered annihilation, losing 5.1% of the vote and losing their MEP, leader Nick Griffin.

With dozens of parties on the ballot paper across the country, all managed to pick up a few thousand votes. In last place was Liberty GB, with a mere 2,494 votes. The tiny party was created by "disgruntled members" of the BNP, according to the Guardian.


UK Independence Party 27.5% (+11%) 23 MEPs (+10)
Labour 25.4% (+9.7%) 18 MEPs (+7)
Conservative 23.9% (-3.8%) 18 MEPs (-7)
Green 7.9% (-0.75%) 3 MEPs (+1)
Liberal Democrat 6.9% (-6.8%) 1 MEP (-9)
Plaid Cymru 0.7% (-0.2%) 1 MEP
Scottish National Party 2.4% (-0.3%) 2 MEPs
An Independence From Europe 1.5% (new party)
BNP 1.1% (-5.1%) 0 MEPs (-2)
English Democrats 0.8% (-1.%)
Christian Peoples Alliance 0.3% (-1.3%)
NO2EU 0.2% (-0.8%)
4 Freedoms Party (UK EPP) 0.18%
We Demand a Referendum 0.15%
National Health Action Party 0.15%
Animal Welfare Party 0.13%
Britain First 0.13%
Yorkshire First 0.12%
Europeans Party 0.07%
The Peace Party 0.06%
Pirate Party 0.05%
Harmony Party 0.05 %
Communities United Party 0.04%
Socialist Party of Great Britain 0.04%
National Liberal Party 0.04%
Socialist Equality Party 0.03%
Socialist Labour Party 0.03%
The Roman Party 0.02%
YOURvoice 0.02%
Liberty GB 0.02%

The MEPs Elected Across The UK

Eastern Region

1. Patrick O'Flynn (UKIP)
2. Victoria Ford (Con)
3. Richard Howitt (Lab)
4. Stuart Agnew (UKIP)
5. Geoffrey Van Orden (Con)
6. Tim Aker (UKIP)
7. David Bannerman (Con)

East Midlands Region

1. Roger Helmer (UKIP)
2. Emma McClarkin (Con)
3. Glenis Willmott (Lab)
4. Margaret Parker (UKIP)
5. Andrew Lewer (Con)

London Region

1. Claude Moraes (Lab)
2. Syed Kamall (Con)
3. Mary Honeyball (Lab)
4. Gerard Batten (UKIP)
5. Lucy Anderson (Lab)
6. Charles Tannock (Con)
7. Seb Dance (Lab)
8. Jean Lambert (Green)

North East Region

1. Jude Kirton-Darling (Lab)
2. Jonathan Arnott (UKIP)
3. Paul Brannen (Lab)

North West Region

1. Theresa Griffin (Lab)
2. Paul Nuttall (UKIP)
3. Jacqueline Foster (Con)
4. Mohammed Afzal Khan (Lab)
5. Louise Bours (UKIP)
6. Julie Carolyn Ward (Lab)
7. Sajjad Karim (Con)
8. Steven Marcus Woolfe (UKIP)


1. Ian Hudghton (SNP)
2. David Martin (Lab)
3. Ian Duncan (Con)
4. Alyn smith (SNP)
5. Catherine Stihler (Lab)
6. David Coburn (UKIP)

South East Region

1. Nigel Farage (UKIP)
2. Daniel Hannan (Con)
3. Janice Ann Atkinson (UKIP)
4. Nirj Deva (Con)
5. Anneliese Jane Dodds (Lab)
6. Diane Martine James (UKIP)
7. Richard Ashworth (Con)
8. Keith Taylor (Green)
9. Catherine Bearder (Lib Dem)
10. Ray Finch (UKIP)

South West Region

1. William (The Earl of) Dartmouth (UKIP)
2. Ashley Fox (Con)
3. Julia Reid (UKIP)
4. Julie Girling (Con)
5. Claire Moody (Lab)
6. Molly Scott Cato (Green)


1. Derek Vaughan (Lab)
2. Nathan Lee Gill (UKIP)
3. Dr Kay Swinburne (Con)
4. Jill Evans (Plaid Cymru)

West Midlands Region

1. Jill Seymour (UKIP)
2. Neena Gill (Lab)
3. Philip Bradbourn (Con)
4. Jim Carver (UKIP)
5. Sion Llewelyn Simon (Lab)
6. Anthea McIntyre (Con)
7. Bill Etheridge (UKIP)

Yorkshire and the Humber Region

1. Jane Maria Collins (UKIP)
2. Linda McAvan (Lab)
3. Timothy Kirkhope (Con)
4. Amjad Mahmood Bashir (UKIP)
5. Richard Corbett (Lab)
6. Mike Hookem (UKIP)

Northern Ireland results not yet in

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