27/05/2014 12:16 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Intuitive Eating: The Diet That Lets You Eat Whatever You Like

Intuitive eating is the latest diet to emerge promising to make us healthier and slimmer, and it looks like it could be 2014's 5:2.

Why? This is the anti-regime diet, forcing no rules on its devotees. You can eat whatever you like as long as it's truly what your body needs. And no, before you ask, bodies don't need McDonald's.


Confused? Here are a few points about this fad to explain how eating intuitively could lead to a healthier lifestyle.

1) Devotees are advised to rely on "hunger scales"
We are constantly surrounded by advertising telling us we need to eat [insert fast food item here] NOW. Intuitive Eating tells us to listen to our real hunger pangs instead. Write down how strong your hunger pangs are from one to 10 and learn to acknowledge when you're really hungry, and when you just feel like snacking or are bored. No rumbly tummy = no pizza.

2) You must eat for physical rather than emotional reasons
"I'm having an affair with two men simultaneously - one named Ben, the other Jerry." We've all been there, Bridget. A bad day at work, a hideous boyfriend or even a good workout can result in the best of us clearing out the fridge. Your mind may be championing ice cream, but your body probably isn't, so step away from the spoon.

3) It's imperative you give yourself permission to eat anything
Foods are not categorised into "good" and "bad" as this way of thinking trains your mind to crave. It goes against the Intuitive Eating ethos anything is permissible - for devotees, nothing is considered a treat. The theory is if you eat apple pie, you will then be drawn to more nutritious sustenance for your next meal because you've already filled your sugar and fat quota.

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By Rhiannon Davies
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