The Crazy Things We Do For Our Kids

30/05/2014 09:55 | Updated 20 May 2015

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When you have children of your own, it really hits home how much your parents have done for you.

At the time, as a child, you think that's just the natural order of things. It doesn't occur to you to say thank you or show your appreciation because that's just what mummy and daddy do - that's their job.

But when the tables are turned and you become a parent, you soon realise how much your life is at the behest of your little darlings.

Of course, you get plenty of advanced warning about the big sacrifices - the fact you can't just pop out for a drink anymore or that your beautifully styled house will soon resemble an indoor car boot sale or that a simple trip to the hairdressers will take more forward planning than the 2012 Olympics.

No, it's the little everyday sacrifices that take you by surprise; the way in which you put your children first without giving it a second thought - like staying up all night to make a carrot costume for a fancy dress party or watching Monsters University 3 four times in one day or going for a weekend break... to Peppa Pig Land.

It's the crazy little things you do for your kids every single day - those are the things that make you a brilliant parent. And one day, many years from now, your children will thank you. Promise!

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