Celebrity Diets: Photographer Shows Extreme Eating Habits Of The Rich And Famous

06/27/2014 10:13 am 10:13:58 | Updated 27 June 2014

If you thought celebrity lifestyles to be full of parties, Champagne and delicious food, think again. The reality is not as glamourous as you might expect.

In fact, celebrities' lives are as much about restriction, as they are opulence. In order to maintain enviable figures many celebs go to extreme lengths - just think of Beyonce's maple syrup diet, with 'laxative' herbal teas and constant trips to the loo, or Gwyneth Paltrow's uber strict detox diet.

Beyoncè Knowles – “Master cleanse diet” diet

One artist, Italian photographer Dan Bannino, has captured the bizarre eating habits of the rich and famous in a series of still life images. Each photo depicts the contents of each celeb's restrictive diet, like Channel 4's Super Size vs Super Skinny - but prettier.

Speaking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, Dan said: "Everyone wants to know the secrets behind a celebrity and small details are the greatest. I've chosen these people because I thought they're easy to be recognised and somehow funny, they are so different from each other, but at the same time all of them have or had a weird eating habit.

"I've tried to capture the beauty that lies in this terrible constriction of diets and deprivation, giving them the importance of an old master's painting."

Frankly, we'd rather stick to our burgers. Sod the wobbly bits.

Gwyneth Paltrow – “Strict detox diet” diet

Bill Clinton – “Cabbage soup diet” diet

Henry VIII – “The banquet diet” diet

Kate Moss – “Hollywood diet” diet

Luigi Cornaro – “Sober Life” diet

Charles Saatchi – “Eggs diet” eggs diet

Simon Cowell – “Life enhancing” diet

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