8 Shocks Students Get Entering The Adult World

03/07/2014 12:46 | Updated 03 July 2014

No more weekday lie-ins, hangover sofa days or three-month long travelling "find yourself" holidays. If you're leaving university, then these are just a few of the culture shocks you find yourself dealing with.

Sucks, hey?

But it's not all bad - if you do manage to find yourself a job, there'll be office parties *sound the free booze klaxon*, PAID holiday leave, and it means you'll savour every last minute of weekends.

  • 1 There'll be no indulging in hangovers
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    Unless you have them at the weekend. But even then, do you really want to waste your precious two days off slumped over the toilet seat, shivering? Thought not.
  • 2 Say bye to smuggling alcohol into clubs
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    Clubs in the real world have bouncers. Proper bag-checking, patting down bouncers. That cheeky wink which normally got you through the doors with your hip flask? It won't work.
  • 3 That dream job isn't going to land in your lap
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    In fact, you might struggle to get a job at all, and you'll realise you might just need to compromise for now. News flash: there's a fair few other graduates gunning for jobs too.
  • 4 You'll finally realise having a job does not equal money
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    Say hello to your good friend, tax. You'll be as broke as ever - if not more broke than you were at university. Trust us, this will happen.
  • 5 Bye bye three month holidays..
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    Hello 25 days (if you're lucky).
  • 6 Bank Holidays are the happiest days ever
    Maksim Bukovski via Getty Images
    Who cares what they're for. THEY'RE FREE HOLIDAY
  • 7 Say hello to your new best friend
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    No longer just a vessel for sleep, your bed will become your haven. You will fantasise about your bed, you will long for the hour until you can retire to your bedroom. Early nights are now cool.
  • 8 Even after all that, the adult world is pretty darn fun
    Ferran Traite Soler via Getty Images
    Office parties, work frolics, bank holiday shenanigans, meeting new people.. it's all pretty fun, and, after a while, you'll even start to realise it can be better than uni. Honest.
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