17 Things About The Secret Life Of Students We Know To Be True

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The secret life of students may be an eye-opener for some, but for others it'll be a case of been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

The Channel 4 programme follows the life of three students at Leicester University and gives a glimpse into the excitement, struggles and the loneliness that can come with starting university.

Whoever you are, there's probably going to be one character you identify with - whether its total lad Aidan, unconfident Josie or shy and "different" Lauren.

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So without further delay, here are the 17 things the secret life of students tell us about freshers we know to be true..

  • 1
    Pretty much all students have done gap yahs. Standard.
    Channel 4
  • 2
    .. And every student who went on a gap yah went to Thailand
    Channel 4
  • 3
    Contraception is the funniest gift, eva. Spesh when you open it in front of your dad
    Channel 4
  • 4
    Would you rather.. is still the best game on earth
    Channel 4
    "Would you rather watch your parents have sex for a year, or would you join them once to make it stop?"
  • 5
    A creepy wink is the fool-proof way of sussing out the d*ckheads
    Channel 4
    Yes, yes he winked at me.
  • 6
    There are two reasons why people go to uni
    Channel 4
    1: To have fun 2: To get laid
  • 7
    There'll always be one guy who thinks sexism is bants
    Channel 4
  • 8
    You might be merrily waving your parents off for the first time
    Channel 4
    But inside.. you're crying out DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!!
  • 9
    You're bezzies are totes amaze
    Channel 4
    And you text them all the time. Every minute of every hour of every day. It is absolutely of supreme importance they know every time you fart or sneeze
  • 10
    The 'I'm the last to pull so I must be ugly' fear will raise its horrible head at least once
    Channel 4
  • 11
    The first time you meet your new flatmates is super awks. Lol.X
    Channel 4
  • 12
    Some people will do anything to get drunk
    Channel 4
    Including putting vodka up their arse through tampons #barelolz
  • 13
    One word: Neknominate
    Channel 4
  • 14
    The shame of one night stands is like no other shame
    Channel 4
  • 15
    There is no night out without pre-drinks
    .. Or playing I have never, for that matter
  • 16
    But even if you don't fit in with the majority, it'll still be OK
    Channel 4
  • 17
    And you'll push yourself further than you ever thought you could
    Channel 4

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