‘Magaluf Girl' Video: Luisa Zissman Defends Woman Filmed In Mamading Clip, States ‘We've All Been Young And Irresponsible'

09/07/2014 12:06 | Updated 09 July 2014

Luisa Zissman has jumped to the defence of the tourist, who is thought to be British, that appears in the ‘Magaluf Girl’ mamading video.

The clip, which shows a young female performing an oral sex act on 24 different men in the Majorca party town, has received plenty of attention online, however, former ‘CBB’ star Luisa thinks people need to change their focus.

luisa zissman

Luisa Zissman

Despite defending the woman, Luisa goes on to state that it’s likely she will regret the vid.

mamading girl

The girl is seen fellating more than 20 men in the two-and-a-half-minute long video


During her time in Magaluf, Scarlett claims to have seen a number of x-rated displays, including a threesome taking place on a bar.

Carnage Magaluf reaction to Mamading

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