Manchester United 3-1 Liverpool: International Champions Cup Final As It Happened

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Manchester United and Liverpool bring down the curtain on their tour of the United States in the International Champions Cup final on Monday night. The Miami match will Kick-off from 1am BST on Tuesday morning, and you can get live minute-by-minute coverage from Samuel Luckhurst from 0.30am.

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Five games, five wins and one (unimportant) trophy for Louis van Gaal in the United States.

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Today (02:53) BST
92 min

Sterling, who's faded, hits a cross over everybody as the players wait for the final shrill. It's been a good workout for both sets of players.

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Today (02:52) BST
90 min

Young, impressive again, wins a throw inside Liverpool's third. Unsurprisingly, he looks shattered, but it'll be worth it. For the time being, his United career should be safe.

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Today (02:50) BST

Wonderful football form United down the right. Cleverley clipped it into Young, he flicked it on for Nani back to Cleverley, who played it over the top for Young. He crossed, Kagawa couldn't control the ball but Lingard ran onto it and smashed it past Mignolet anyway.

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Today (02:49) BST

Lingard makes it 3-1 United. Game over.

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It was a deliberate trip on Sterling inside the centre circle and the striker accepts his punishment without a murmur.

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Today (02:46) BST
85 min

Van Gaal might have a word with De Gea, whose distribution has been uncharacteristically poor this half, after he balloons another kick out. It's bound to happen occasionally under Van Gaal's tutelage but De Gea's radar is usually much more accurate.

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Today (02:45) BST
83 min

Brilliant, gamely running from Henderson down the right as he somehow manages to get a cross in only no one is anywhere near the six-yard box to capitalise. The ball travels across to Sterling, who cannot maintain the move's momentum and United are away again.

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Today (02:42) BST
80 min

Odd one from Rooney, who regains the ball near the halfway line yet chooses to try and play the ball all the way back to De Gea. He succeeds in only gifting Liverpool a corner, Henderson's cross should be cleared by Nani but isn't, Toure plays the ball into the six-yard box and Smalling is there to clear the danger.

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Today (02:41) BST
79 min

Lovely link-up play between Shaw, Rooney and Kagawa as the Japanese is released on the left. He pings the ball low into the box and someone, maybe Rooney, makes the faintest of contact as the chance goes begging.

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Today (02:39) BST
United substitution

Jesse Lingard, so impressive on tour last year, replaces Ander Herrera. Lingard's been around for ages but is still yet to make his senior debut for the Reds.

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Today (02:38) BST
77 min

That's twice now De Gea has kicked a dead ball straight into touch in an effort to find Shaw. Coutinho, possibly Liverpool's best performer tonight, has been replaced by Swedish teenager Kristoffer Peterson.

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Today (02:37) BST
75 min

Rooney is furious after Skrtel bangs him in the midriff with a high foul but doesn't win a free-kick. Liverpool were never going to kick the ball out for an Evertonian United man, and when the move breaks down Rooney makes his point forcefully to the official.

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Today (02:35) BST
Liverpool substitution

Kolo Touré replaces Mamadou Sakho.

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manchester united liverpool

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Today (02:33) BST
72 min

Rooney attempts a one-two with Kagawa but the attempted through ball from the Japanese isn't clean and Sakho intervenes. Certainly has the hallmarks of a friendly now following the slew of substitutions and the comedic Rooney goal.

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Today (02:32) BST
70 min

Nani will play up front beside Rooney with Kagwa just behind the pair. Jordan Ibe goes on a mazy run that worries United's defence on the perimeter of the penalty area but he makes hardly any progress and Coutinho can't keep the ball.

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Today (02:29) BST
68 min

Herrera concedes another foul and Johnson hares down the left but is blocked by Jones. United are about to make two more substitutions; Shinji Kagawa and Nani replace goal creator Javier Hernandez and goalscorer Juan Mata.

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Today (02:28) BST
Rooney's disallowed goal


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Today (02:26) BST

No goal! Young's cross pinged onto the stanchion from about 40 yards and was tapped in by Rooney. After consultation with his linesman, the referee correctly disallowed the goal.

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Joe Allen, Rickie Lambert and Steven Gerrard make way for Lucas Leiva, Jordan Ibe and Emre Can.

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Today (02:23) BST
61 min

Jones, minus the ball, hares down the pitch and causes Mignolet to punt the ball into touch. United have been much more aggressive this half and, as Herrera displayed for the first goal, quicker on the ball. It may have been deflected but Shaw to Mata consisted of one touch apiece.

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Today (02:21) BST
60 min

Coutinho turns and tries to play Henderson in down the right but Smalling is alert to the danger and mops up.

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Today (02:19) BST

Cleverley's crossfield pass found Shaw, his reverse pass missed Rooney, Mata hit it first time, it deflected off Sakho and Mignolet had no chance. Great response from United.

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Today (02:18) BST

Juan Mata makes it 2-1! It's the 1-2 from United!

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Today (02:17) BST
The irony

Usually, it would be Rooney crossing for Hernandez but not tonight. The Mexican's play outside the box has generated deserved criticism during his time at United but he showed brilliant perception there. Herrera's speed of pass, too, should not be underestimated in the build-up.

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Today (02:16) BST

Herrera won the ball in the centre, played the ball wide quickly to Javier Hernandez and he crossed to the far post for Rooney to sidefoot past Mignolet on the volley with his left foot. Skrtel was nowhere but it was a terrifically taken goal.

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Today (02:16) BST

Wayne Rooney equalises for Manchester United!

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Today (02:14) BST
53 min

Lambert slides the ball through to Coutinho but Blackett reads his move and prods the ball out of his path just as the Brazilian was shaping up to shoot.

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Today (02:13) BST
52 min

Brilliant surge forward from Shaw again, but Rooney's cross is harmless. Now the yellow card is finally shown - and somewhat harshly - to Luke Shaw, whose transgression is unhelpfully not replayed by the broadcasters.

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