A Guide To Instagram Lingo

21/11/2017 06:57 GMT

There's so much lingo flying around Instagram and bloggersphere, sometimes it can be hard to decipher the hashtags. Here's our useful dictionary of popular hashtags. my

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Cloudporn - this is applied to pretty cloud shots

FBF - sharing a past image or post for Flashback Friday

F4F - Follow for Follow i.e follow me and I'll follow you

Foodporn - this is tagged to various pictures of food

FOTD - face of the day, a hashtag popular with beauty bloggers

Haul - a collection of recently purchased products

Hack - simple DIY method such as a short cut, quick trick or easy cheat. Most commonly seen as life hack and beauty hack.

HG - a holy grail product one can't live without

Igers - this is the abbreviation for people using the Instagram app.

Instalove - very popular hashtag for sharing what you love on Instagram

Iphonesia - top hashtag referring to Instagram users in East Asia

L4L - Like for Like. If you like my photo and I'll like yours. Can be interpreted as a desperate plea for followers.

LE - limited edition

ManiMonday - used for showing off your new manicure on Monday. This is popular with nail and beauty bloggers.

MCM - this refers to man crush Monday and a follow up to WCM.

MOTD - we're not referring to the programme Match of the Day but make up look of the day.

MUA - makeup artist

NOTD - nail of the day

OOTD - outfit of the day

OOTN - outfit of the night

Omglol - this is a combination of oh my god and laughing out loud

Selfie - use sparingly and please never pair it with the word drunk

SMH - abbreviation popular with US bloggers, meaning shaking my head.

Tweegram - this is a popular photography app

TBT - abbreviation for Throwback Thursday, where like Flashback Friday you post an old image or retro inspiration from the past.

WCW - this isn't about wrestling but Woman Crush Wednesday and a follow up to Man Crush Monday.

YOLO - You only live once

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