11 Problems Only Left-handed People Understand

13/08/2014 13:08 | Updated 13 August 2014
Vesnaandjic via Getty Images

Happy International Lefthanders Day! Especially if you're a leftie.

And if you are - we know you're going to relate to this list: 11 everyday challenges that lefthanders face. Starting with that old favourite...

  • 1. Scissors via Getty Images
  • 2. Spiralbound notebooks
    OverShoot via Getty Images
  • 3. Tin openers
    shipfactory via Getty Images
  • 4. Chairs like these
    Alexia Bannister via Getty Images
  • 5. High-fiving
    (Obama and Cameron are both left-handed, you know.)
  • 6. Shaking hands
  • 7. Shorthand
    PorFang via Getty Images
  • 8. Playing guitar
    Hans Pennink/Invision/AP
    (Of course, not all left-handers play it like Macca.)
  • 9. Buttons
    Fraser Elliot via Getty Images
  • 10. Touchscreen tablets
    Tim Robberts via Getty Images
  • 11. Ink smudges on your (left) hand
    Vesnaandjic via Getty Images

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