Wedding Inspiration: 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow

13/08/2014 12:08 | Updated 20 May 2015
Getting married and already drowning in wedding magazines? There's really no need to be hoarding all that paper. It's time to reclaim your coffee table and move your wedding planning over to the wonderful world of Instagram.


We've sourced five of the very best Instagram users showcasing the most beautiful big day ideas, the loveliest flowers, eye catching cakes and to die-for dresses to ease your wedding planning induced headache.

Cutting out all that page turning and replacing it with a simple thumb scroll will save you time, money (those bridal magazine's can cost a small fortune) and your fingers from paper cuts.

Even if you're not getting hitched there's no reason why you can't take a look through these pics, just appreciating them for their prettiness (and perhaps making plans for a little later down the line).

For dream (and totally affordable) dresses David's Bridal has got you covered. Looking for invite expertise, then Ceci Johnson, Founder & Creative Director of Ceci New York, is the answer to your prayers.

For stunning wedding snaps, much sought after US-based wedding photographer Corbin Gurkin can take you behind the scenes at all the gorgeous ceremonies he shoots.

Take a look below for all the inspiration you need ahead of your big day...


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