Boy, 13, Electrocuted After Mum Crashed Into Power Lines

18/11/2017 23:55 GMT


A 13-year-old boy died after stepping on power lines brought down when his mum's car crashed into the post supporting them.

Mum Amber Osborne was driving her son Zachary Stoyer and five of his friends to a basketball game on Saturday afternoon in Bertie County, North Carolina, US.

Her SUV drove off the road and hit the post, knocking it to the ground.

When the mum stepped out of the car she felt a shock on her leg, so she warned the teenagers to stay inside the vehicle.

Tragically, Zachary had already stepped outside and came into contact with power lines. Police said the boy was shocked and fell face first to the ground.

They tried to revive him but he was pronounced dead soon after.

Local news said it hadn't yet been decided whether Zachary's mum will face any charges after being interviewed by police in hospital.