Cheesy But Cute: Nick Clegg's Christmas Card Gets Our Vote Over Traditional Miliband And Cameron

14/08/2014 16:56 | Updated 22 May 2015

Look, we know it's cheesy. We know it's probably been over-thought. We know it has possibly been cynically stage-managed by spin doctors. But, you know what? We really, REALLY like Nick Clegg's official Christmas card.

OK, ours hasn't arrived in the post yet (blame pending privatisation?) but when it does it will make us chortle, it will make us titter – because it's daft, a refreshing and funny change from the usual stage-managed portraits chosen by the other political leaders.

Of course, we have no idea if Mr Clegg and his wife Miriam's sons really did doodle a Santa hat, reindeer ears and Rudolph's red nose, but we're not bothered. For once, it's nice to be manipulated in a way that brings a festive smile to our faces.

And let's face it, it's a whole lot more relaxed than the official cards put out by David Cameron and Ed Miliband (we haven't received theirs yet, either).

Miliband family Christmas card

The Conservative and Labour leaders have both opted for more serious photographs with their wives and children, designed to present themselves as relaxed family men.

The 2013 Christmas Card Of Prime Minister David Cameron

In the past Mr Clegg has opted for traditional drawings or paintings by his children, but this year Antonio, Miguel and Alberto have used a photograph of mum and dad as a starting point for their masterpiece.

The picture was taken at the family home in South West London by photographer James Gourley. The Clegg boys then used an iPad to add the Christmas tree and transform their parents into Santa and Rudolph.

By contrast, Mr Miliband released his smart-casual Christmas card, featuring his wife and sons in a pose which would not look out of place in a mail order catalogue.

It shows Mr Miliband and wife Justine with their sons Daniel and Samuel, taken, during a walk along Brighton beach at the start of the Labour Party conference earlier this year as the family headed out to a play park before the heavy political agenda got under way.

In Prime Minister David Cameron's Christmas card, three-year-old daughter Florence has been given a starring role for the second time. The black and white portrait features Mr Cameron and wife Samantha hugging their daughter inside Number 10 in October.

The card will be sent around the globe to world leaders and dignitaries, as well as to senior figures in the UK. Captured by award-winning photographer Tom Stoddart, the picture shows the Camerons' youngest child gripping her father's neck while she snuggles against her mother. Cute? No doubt.

But this year, we think Mr Clegg's self-deprecating portrait is a who-ho-hole lot better!


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