Daddy Daycare: Harper And David Beckham Step Out In Matching Jackets

14/08/2014 16:48 | Updated 22 May 2015
Harper and David Beckham step out in matching jackets

It was a case of daddy daycare today for Harper Beckham, who enjoyed her dad's undivided attention on a day out in London.

One-year-old Harper and Becks both wore quilted jackets for their chilly stroll in town, with Harper toddling along in red, clutching her dad's hand for balance.

The adorable little girl was also singing along to herself as the pair pounded the pavement (that or she was knackered and having a nice big yawn).

Harper and David Beckham step out in matching jacketsFlameflynet

David has recently returned from a tour in China, where he was given a hero's welcome by football fans. We bet he got one on his return home from Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper and Posh too!


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