Five Of Gypsy Girl Maria's Nine Siblings Are Taken Into Care

14/08/2014 16:55 | Updated 22 May 2015


The biological mother of Maria, the blonde girl found in a Roma camp in Greece, has had five of her nine other children taken into care.

State authorities have taken the children from the home of Bulgarian couple Sasha and Atanas Ruseva, according to the Telegraph.


The mum and her two youngest children - Nasko, three, and Penka, two - have moved to housing in Stara Zagora, the regional capital 25 miles from the Roma ghetto where the family lived - but five more have been seized by the authorities.

Kosyo Kosev, the mayor of Nikolaevo, said: "Social services have decided to settle Mrs Ruseva and her two youngest children in social housing while the other five under age will be re-homed for the time being either in a state institution or with foster families."

The couple also have two older daughters, aged 20 and 18, who are married and have children of their own.

Maria is currently being cared for by the Smile Of The Child Charity in Athens. She will stay there until state authorities decide what will happen to her next.

Eva Zhecheva, head of Bulgaria's State Agency For Child Protection, added: "Bulgarian authorities are ready to take full responsibility for Maria now that it is known she is the child of Bulgarian nationals."

Maria will most likely be taken to a crisis centre or placed in foster care until she is either returned to her biological family, or found a permanent home.

"Maria will remain there until a solution is found for her upbringing – a return to her biological family, a placement with relatives, or in a foster home or state institution," said Mrs Zhecheva.

Sasha Ruseva, 35, was proved to be the biological mother of the four-year-old via a DNA test after an international appeal was launched to reveal the girl's true identity after she was found living in Farsala during a police raid two weeks ago.

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