Four Things To Make Your Day Better

14/08/2014 16:36 | Updated 22 May 2015

Hey, guess what? Even if you're having the best day ever, these four things are going to make you even happier. Don't delay, step this way...

Add to your Instagram feed....

@heysp, a San Francisco-based photographer whose beautiful pictures are a moment of true escapism. Varied and beautiful, every image is a pleasure (and the ones of her cat are particularly sweet).

Add to your bookmarks...

Art Wednesday - a site dedicated to the newest designers, artists and fashion that's basically a rundown of everything cool right now. The team also run fun nights called Nice To Meet You where attendees get to listen to amazing speakers (truly - past ones include Tim Berners-Lee) and see live music. Brilliant.

Art Wednesday

Add to your lunch break...

Agent Hashtag - featuring Kellan Lutz (the really buff vampire from Twilight) is a secret agent who's addicted to social media. It's by Funny Or Die - amazing. Watch it here.

Add to your wish list...

This cosy blanket by Graphite Hand Knit. Imagine snuggling down under this on a rainy day with a huge mug of tea. Bliss.


Four Things To Make Your Day Better


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