Meet The Hirsute Haim Sisters

24/11/2017 21:00 GMT

In the age of hair extensions and this week's Beyonce crop, real waist-length tresses are seen as something of an unnecessary burden. Who wants to waste good money on loads of conditioner and spend all that time brushing out painful knots, when you can pin on a ponytail and walk out the door?

Well Haim, the all-rocking sisters three who took to the stage at the Way Out West festival in the Swedish city of Gothenburg last night, seem to think the trouble is all worth it. Although we'd hate to have to be the one to clean their shower drains, we totes get this look. Alana, Danielle and Este are folksy, rocker types of the old school tradition - and here's the proof.

This is Danielle.

Meet The Hirsute Haim Sisters

Here we have Alana.

Meet The Hirsute Haim Sisters

And finally the blonde sibling, Este.

Meet The Hirsute Haim Sisters

Perhaps, like Samson, their hair is their power? We'd hate for them to lose all that talent by lopping it off. And besides, what would they throw around and/or hide behind on stage?

Have you listened to Haim yet? What's your favourite song?

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