'Mummified Boy': Mum Who Starved Four-Year-Old Son To Death Jailed For 15 Years

14/08/2014 16:54 | Updated 22 May 2015

Amanda Hutton court case

Amanda Hutton, the mother who starved her four-year-old son to death and left his body in her bedroom until it became mummified, has been sentenced to a total of 15 years in jail.

The alcoholic mother was found guilty of little Hamzah Khan's manslaughter yesterday. After the trial it emerged she was a mother of eight children.

Roger Thomas, the Recorder of Bradford, said the 43-year-old had shown a 'terrible failure to fulfil the most basic responsibility; in short you starved Hamzah to death'.


On keeping Hamzah's death a secret, the judge said Hutton was 'worried that people would find out you killed him'.

He told her: "Your deviousness was to keep various agencies away from you and your children.

"Your wicked conduct has been displayed in such awful detail."

Yesterday, Hutton, 43, showed no emotion as she was convicted of manslaughter by a jury after five hours of deliberations at Bradford Crown Court.

The court heard that Hamzah's mummified body was found in Hutton's Bradford bedroom almost two years after he died.

Hutton had cried in court as she described how Hamzah starved himself and died in her Bradford home in December 2009.

She claimed he was a fussy eater and a difficult child and that she thought he would put on weight when he got older.

But the jury heard Hamzah's short life involved starvation, punishments and neglect at the hands of a 'nasty drunk' who had more time for alcohol than her son.

Hutton will be sentenced tomorrow. A statutory case review of the circumstances surrounding Hamzah's death will go ahead.


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