Mums Frazzled Every Morning With 26-Point To-Do List

14/08/2014 16:51 | Updated 22 May 2015

The 26-point list that leaves mums frazzled every morning

Research has revealed a 26-point list of tasks mums have to do before they even get out of the front door in the morning.

The survey found that amid all the usual morning mayhem of tantrums, accidents, and moody kids, mums still had to organise everything from packing school bags, to making breakfast and keeping track of all family's appointments for the day.

A worn out 85 of mums admitted to doing child-related tasks single-handedly.

The study found mums devote at least six hours and 45 minutes a day to their families.


1. Brushing their teeth

2. Having clean uniforms ready

3. Remembering any doctor/ dentist/ opticians appointments

4. Getting the kids to school on time

5. Keeping on top of calendar dates classmates birthdays/ anniversaries/ important dates

6. Laundry

7. Making kids' breakfast

8. Remembering lunch boxes/ dinner money

9. Making sure they have a good meal to come home to

10. Making sure the cupboards are stocked

11. Getting the children to bed on time so they are not tired in the morning

12. Making sure they actually eat their breakfast

13. Making sure they take a drink to school

14. Ironing

15. Reading homework/ preparing kids for tests

16. If it is raining, making sure they have a rain coat

17. Remembering PE kit and other essentials

18. Permission slips

19. Remembering to brush the children's hair

20. Making sure they take their homework in to school

21. Putting sun cream on them before they go to school

22. Make sure they've gone to the toilet before getting in the car

23. Making sure the pets are fed

24. Keeping on top of uniform

25. Remembering afterschool clubs

26. Keeping on top of daily medications/ vitamins/ supplements

Probably not a surprise to most mums - but only 26 items? Bet we can add some more - what else do YOU have to do for the family each morning?

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