My Apartment: Jasmine Contomichalos

14/08/2014 16:39 | Updated 22 May 2015

If you've ever dreamed of a house filled with exquisite antiques and authentic pieces sourced from across the world, look no further than Harper's Bazaar Beauty Assistant, Jasmine Contomichalos' West London home.

With furnishings from Normandy to Venice and an array of stunning artworks, Jasmine's interiors showcase a wealth of unique decorative features yet retain an inviting and homely feel.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Jasmine Contomichalos Harper Bazaar Magazine

How would you describe your interior style and does it reflect your sartorial style? It's quite hard to pin down an overall theme as there's lots of influences from all over the world, probably due to my mixed background. But I'd say it's a combination of French and Moroccan influences with a twist. I suppose the way I dress is quite eclectic as well, it totally depends on my mood! I love to get all dolled up but also to experiment with new styles, it varies from day to day.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Jasmine Contomichalos Harper Bazaar Magazine

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Jasmine Contomichalos Harper's Bazaar Magazine

Could you describe your dream house? My dream house would be somewhere grand but liveable, with a perfectly manicured garden! I think interior wise I would design it similarly to my own house but with more Venetian and French influences. I see myself staying around west London but I wouldn't rule out living abroad maybe in a New York townhouse... I still need to figure out how I'm funding all of this!

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Jasmine Contomichalos Harper's Bazaar Magazine

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Jasmine Contomichalos

What's the most impressive house or interior you've seen or visited?

A lot of my friends' houses are pretty amazing and I've seen some stunning houses in Greece where I holiday each summer.

I love the relaxed island look with white-washed walls and lots of light. Light would definitely be a key factor for me when buying a home.

What do you most enjoy about living in your area?

I love the fact it's central but also right next to Hyde Park. It's incredibly easy to get to work, close to a lot of my friends and my boyfriend lives around the corner so that's handy! There's also Portobello market nearby which is a lovely walk on a sunny day.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Jasmine Contomichalos

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Jasmine Contomichalos

How do you relax at home after work?

I find it quite hard to fully switch off, but I think cooking a nice meal and having a hot bath with bubbles and candles followed by a movie helps. I wish I could say that I read all the time as I love it when you find a good book you can't put down.

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