My Apartment: Olivia Roat

14/08/2014 16:40 | Updated 20 May 2015

Milliner Olivia Roat, gave us a tour of her eclectically decorated Parsons Green apartment, situated not far from her Chelsea studio where she designs bespoke hats and headpieces.

Creating a variety of stunning headwear from florally-adorned button hats to chic and simple fedoras, Olivia's home shows a similar range of styles.

Olivia Roat

With a combination of art deco touches and contemporary art alongside furnishings from her parents, Olivia's home is an incredible source of interior inspiration.

How would you describe your interior style?

I like too many different styles. Much to my great disappointment, I'm incapable of having a chic, minimalist room where everything goes together. I haven't lived in this flat for that long and already it's getting a bit memorabilia shop-esque!

Your hat designs have been influenced by the Italian Baroque style. Is your decor inspired by this too?

Italian Baroque has influenced my hats because of the curling forms and all the gold filigree work of the interiors, I love the decadence. I struggle not to put some gold in all my hats. For my home that doesn't seem to apply quite so much. Art Deco really appeals to me as a style - my tiny bathroom is quite art deco in style.

Olivia Roat

Olivia Roat

Which are your favourite shops for furnishings and decor for your home? Lighting is important to me and La Lou is an amazing company that makes bespoke lamps out of object d'art, I have paintings by Dawn Reader and Emily Pennock who are both really interesting artists and I had an old chair covered in a fabric by Manuel Canovas, which I am obsessed with too.

Olivia Roat

Olivia Roat

How do you relax and unwind at home after work?

I'd love to say cooking and yoga but it's more likely to be The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and a glass of wine.

Olivia Roat

Olivia Roat

Where's the most impressive interior or home you've visited?

A family friend of ours is an artist and ever since I was little I've always loved her home, it's beautiful and full of the whole family's personality.

There are beautiful paintings on every wall, sculptures and collectibles. It's a complete treasure trove. Everywhere you look there is something wonderful and inspiring.

Olivia Roat

You live and work in the Chelsea/Fulham area. What do you love so much about this borough?

It's really important to me that I live in an area that feels quite calm and spacious, this borough feels vaguely village-y and there's quite a bit of greenery. I used to live off the Edgware Road and it felt very much like a place where people just pass through, and very hectic. I'm also lucky that my work is very nearby, within a complex of about 300 studios. There are lots of very talented people doing really creative, interesting things which is great and a fun place to work.

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