Victoria Beckham: I Do The Weekly Shop With My Kids Like Every Other Mum

14/08/2014 16:56 | Updated 22 May 2015

David Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham, Cruz Beckham and Victoria Beckham

We've never spotted her in the baked bean aisle ourselves, but Victoria Beckham insists she is just like any other mum when it comes to doing the weekly grocery shop - dragging her kids round the supermarket and filling the trolley.

And what's more, she even knows how much a pint of milk costs...

"My life is very different than what people imagine it to be," the 'normal' mum tells French Vogue. "It's always me who goes to Waitrose to do the weekly shop, Harper balancing on one hip, Brooklyn hanging on the trolley. I go down the aisles telling the kids, 'No, you can't have that', just like any other mother."

"People look at me in awe like I'm from the circus, but it doesn't bother me," she added.

Hmmm. REALLY Victoria? Does Ocado not deliver round your way, then?

Wonder if she's familiar with these?


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