What Happened To Claudia Winkleman At GQ Men Of The Year Awards?

19/11/2017 20:15 GMT

Claudia Winkleman attended the GQ Men of the Year awards at the Royal Opera House on Tuesday night. No big deal. Hang on a second - is that Claudia Winkleman?


Ever since she joined the presenting panel on Strictly, Winkleman has wowed us with her signature Sixties-inspired look - the blunt fringe, the black eyeliner and a nude lipstick. She's also got a brilliant shoe collection and is often the only one on the show who can make sequins look chic.

So - the question is: what happened Claude? We can just about live with the messy hair and the too-long trouser suit (seriously, how did she not fall over her feet?) but that smudged black eye makeup? TOO MUCH.


The rabbit-caught-in-headlights facial expression didn't really help poor Claudia out either. Let's hope this is just a weird anti-red carpet phase.

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