Why Holly Willoughby Doesn't Approve Of Kylie Minogue On The Voice

23/11/2017 00:15 GMT

Holly Willoughby's been bad mouthing Kylie Minogue, claiming the Aussie singer's presence on The Voice has done little to improve the BBC talent show.

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The 32-year-old - who formerly presented the show alongside Reggie Yates - told The Sun: "Have there been any improvements? I wouldn't say, 'The show is so much better this year' at all.'

"If you're comparing the coaches, Jessie J was so strong in her critique musically that the singers could really learn something from her. As a vocalist she was on top of her game. She was incredible."

It's at this point we're inclined to completely and utterly disagree with Holly. She clearly isn't a die-hard Kylie fan like, um hello, the rest of the world!

We guess she half made up for it though when she said: "Kylie is a little pocket of sex god." Although we're not sure that statement makes sense. Humph!

For now the Willoughby is in our bad books.