Would You Ban Sugary Drinks For Children?

14/08/2014 16:54 | Updated 22 May 2015

Addicted to sodas!

I'm not the perfect parent by a long shot, but I felt less of a failure when my daughter announced recently: "I hate Cola and it's your fault; you never allowed me have any."

She went on to explain how, unlike the mountains of broccoli I'd piled on her plate, the lack of Cola - and all sweet or fizzy drinks - meant she had never acquired a taste for them.

Lemonade made a twice yearly appearance at birthdays if my kids were lucky. I was so hung up on the evils of Cola that I'd warn my children; "Don't drink it if you are offered it at the party."

I also banned Ribena, having read the label: almost a third - 29 per cent- is sugar.

According to award-winning dietician and nutritionist Marianne Williams: "Sugar should not make up more than 11VIRTUAL-Gallery-185773%

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