How Much? David Beckham 'Earns £20k A Day'

04/10/2014 11:17 | Updated 20 May 2015

David Beckham might have retired from professional football, but his incredible physique, as seen in H&M's Bodywear campaign, means he's still raking in the cash.

David Beckham earns £20k a day

How much? Well, he picked up £7.5 million from his company, Footwork Productions, in the last year. That's £20,548 a day to me and you.

According to the Daily Mail, that sum is 10 times more than the £750,000 Victoria paid herself through her company Moody Productions, which looks after earnings from her music back catalogue.

However, her fashion company last year made a profit of £1.4 million, too.

David's company reportedly made a turnover of £14.8 million, with a post-tax profit of £9.6 million, £7.5 million of which went to "Brand Beckham".

David Beckham H&M Bodywear campaign

So where's it all coming from? Well Becks has had lucrative contracts with Adidas, Sky Sports, and H&M (who can forget that one? Reminder above just in case). He's also filmed adverts for Diageo's Haig Club whisky, helped promote the Las Vegas Sands hotel and is a brand ambassador for both Sainsbury's and Jaguar.

The couple is believed to have a combined fortune worth £210 million.

Meanwhile, Victoria has been busy expanding her business - with a sparkling new flagship store on Dover Street in London.

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Victoria was also recently named a UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador at a press conference in New York.

It's all go for this power couple.

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David Beckham Being David Beckham In H&M Super Bowl Ad
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