Sol Campbell, Mansion Tax Hater, Puts House Up For Sale At £25m

15/10/2014 11:33 BST | Updated 15/10/2014 11:59 BST

It all makes sense now. Sol Campbell, vocal in his hatred of the mansion tax last month, has put his mansion up for sale at £25 million.

sol campbell mansion

Campbell and his wife, Fiona, want £25m for their house

Campbell's Cheyne Walk townhouse has gone up for sale well ahead of next year's general election, which should help him offset a hefty bill if Labour are re-elected. Ed Miliband's flagship plan is to impose a mansion tax on properties worth £2m or more in the UK.

sol campbell mansion

You can enjoy the view of Albert Bridge from Sol's shack

The six-floor 7,247 square foot Thameside residence includes a 45-foot long garden, seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms and four reception rooms.

If you don't fancy buying Sol's digs, you can rent it for £15,000 a week, which is a considerable drop from the £75,000 it was marketed to tenants during the 2012 Olympics.

sol campbell mansion

You can chill in the sun for £15,000-per-week - down from £50,000

Renovated in 2008, Campbell's wife, Fiona Barratt-Campbell, said in 2012 "the entertaining space on the first floor with views of the river and Albert Bridge [is] beautiful when it is lit up at night."

sol campbell mansion

You can relax in Sol's surroundings