This Week You Should Try: The Blowout At Taylor Taylor London

20/10/2014 18:05 | Updated 22 May 2015

Could my hair BE any smoother, any glossier, any straighter? That would be mainly no. And that would be mainly down to the Brazilian Blowout treatment I had at Taylor Taylor London.

I've got to brag here (and I don't often) because my new do is pretty awesome. I had my first ever blow-dry a few months ago and I thought that was top-notch dreamy, but this was before I discovered the smoothing treatment at Taylor Taylor. Trust me it's a big deal, it's two hours of sealing hair shafts with a protective protein layer that revives coloured, damaged hair. Totally worth it and exactly what a GHD obsessed gal like me needed. I feel like a ruddy goddess.


The idea is that the said protective protein, the Acai Professional smoothing solution, (which btw smells like super-berry amazingness) works to de-frizz and repair dowdy, unruly tresses leaving you with "wash and wear" hair and p.s my stylist director, Ashley White, assures me that the treatment lasts for up to three months. Score.

Heard it all before? I thought so too, but this protein complex is getting a good rep and that's because it TOTALLY WORKS.

After three shampoos - my hair is literally squeaking - the smoothing solution is applied through small sections of my hair (for maximum coverage) and combed through. Then for the blow-drying, followed by straightening after which I am then taken for a complete rinse. A conditioning mask is applied and left on for a good five mins.

Once I'm rinsed for the final time Ashley makes a start on the second blow-dry and straightening session. Oh so glossy.

There was nothing like the usual frizz and unwanted volume I get post DIY blow dry - my hair felt light and supermodel sleek. I kept whipping it back off my shoulders and running my hands through the all-new silky tips. In fact, I'm still doing it.

A week on and there's still no battle, my hair is manageable - we're like this smooth tag team. It takes half the time to style AND it lasts twice as long as before (as in, I don't give up and scrape it back into a ponytail mid morning when it turns on me).

Aftercare? You can treat yourself to the Acai anti frizz shampoo and conditioner or the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment. Whatever you opt for the key thing is to use a sulphate free shampoo so that the treatment lasts as long as poss - I've got mine.

The Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatment (full head) starts at £175, for more information see here.


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