Huffington Post 'Beyond Belief' Twitter Campaign Is Your Chance To Get Involved

04/11/2014 13:05 GMT | Updated 20/11/2014 12:59 GMT
In this photo provided by the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, Pope Benedict XVI pushes a button on a tablet at the Vatican, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012. In perhaps the most drawn out Twitter launch ever, Pope Benedict XVI pushed the button on a tablet brought to him at the end of his general audience Wednesday. It read: "Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart."Later in the day he was to respond to a few messages sent to him from around the world.As the countdown to his first tweet from his Twitter handle (at)Pontifex neared, the pope had garnered nearly 1 million followers in the eight languages of his account. (AP Photo/Osservatore Romano, ho)

Throughout November, The Huffington Post will run its Beyond Belief series, chronicling the remarkable lives of Britons who've taken on their faith to create a force for change

beyond belief

A series of unique features will examine how religion goes beyond just a faith in God or a cultural association.

These will include substantial profiles of inspiring people of faith, like Rabbi Laura Janner Klausner, first female minister to lead a faith group in Britain, Vicky Beeching, Christian rock star, theologian and LGBT activist, Asim Hafiz, first Muslim chaplain for British army, and Leyla Hussain who is a Muslim FGM campaigner, plus many others.

But we'd really like you to be involved too.

We're asking the public to take part in a social media campaign we are running alongside our features and need you to tweet with the hashtag #HPBeyondBelief to tell us how you incorporate or use faith in modern life.

So get involved and tell everyone about it. We will feature the best tweets.