The 14 Greatest Dog Videos Of 2014

11/12/2014 12:37 | Updated 12 December 2014

We're calling it: dogs are the new cats.

Yes, 2014 was the year that our canine pals truly came into their own and challenged cats' internet dominance with video after YouTube video of adorable silliness.

Sure, the cats still rocked. (In the case of Keyboard Cat: literally.)

But dogs? Dogs are having a bit of a moment right now. And here were 14 of those finest moments this year...

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  • 1 Walter the Labrador runs to the beach
    ...with a GoPro camera attached to his back. Glorious.
  • 2 Dog refuses to enter unless someone 'opens' the door
    Bless. His. Little Furry. Socks.
  • 3 Dogs are baffled by a magic trick
    Finnish magician Jose Ahonen proves that sleight of hand works on dogs, too.
  • 4 Puppy adorably jumps into his owner's arms
    Come on, little fella! You can do it!
  • 5 Lena the Rottweiler takes a shower
    Although it does beg the question: how did she turn it on?
  • 6 Maverick the German Shepherd decides to swim with dolphins
    Maverick by name...
  • 7 Injured dog learns to walk upright
    Now that's a life skill.
  • 8 Who's the best dog?
    Amelia knows the answer...
  • 9 Dog in giant spider costume utterly terrifies people
    Officially the best Halloween costume for a dog. Ever.
  • 10 Dog eyes up his owner's watermelon
    Nope, not looking. Definitely not looking. Who, me?
  • 11 Dogs in wheelchairs play fetch
    The most heartwarming dog video of the year? Quite paws-ibly, yes.
  • 12 Boxer dog is tired of waiting in the car
    Well, it's one way to get your owner's attention.
  • 13 Golden Retriever fails obedience test the most glorious manner possible.
  • 14 Munchkin the Shih Tzu dresses up as a teddy bear
    Thank you, internet.

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