8 Alternative Choices For 'Briton Of The Year' Other Than Nigel Farage

27/12/2014 15:49 GMT | Updated 29/12/2014 21:59 GMT

So this happened today...

That's right, The Times named Nigel Farage its 'Briton of the Year'.

Needless to say the decision caused quite a bit of a hoo-ha.

In all fairness, the impact of Farage on UK politics cannot be ignored, despite the best unintentional efforts of some members to draw ridicule.

And The Times did name him winner "for good and ill", but still, people aren't happy.

So in the name of fairness here are eight people who are a bit more deserving of the title than Mr Farage.

8 Genuine Contenders For Briton Of The Year