UK Newspapers Mock Charlie Hebdo Attackers With Ballsy Cartoons: 'Careful, They Might Have Pens'

08/01/2015 15:07 | Updated 09 January 2015

British National newspapers have published defiant cartoons ridiculing the attackers who murdered 12 people in a shooting attack on the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The Independent dedicated its entire front page to a cartoon, with no text, symbolising the outpouring of solidarity from UK media outlets after the massacre of French cartoonists and journalists.

  • The Inependent
    The Independent's front page is perhaps the most bold of the UK newspaper cartoons, showing a hand rising from a newspaper and raising one finger to the attackers, surrounded by red ink that is suggestive of blood.
  • The Guardian
    Steve Bell for The Guardian depicts the gunmen as Micky Mouse-like figures as they flee the scene of the shootings, questioning why the world is still laughing at them after their act.
  • The Daily Telegraph
    Well known cartoonist Matt drew on the widely adopted idea of pens versus guns - making fun of the attackers who are portrayed as being afraid of ink and paper.
  • The Times
    The Times printed this cartoon of a masked gunman merged with France's Eiffel Tower, in its opinion section.

Other UK artists penned work commenting on the shootings, including one image that was reported to be by street artist Banksy, but was in fact by London designer Lucille Clerc.

Another London artist, Will Kevans, drew man brandishing pencils as if they are weapons, which was tweeted by his wife Annie.

And Derbyshire-based Magnus Shaw evoked popular cartoon character Charlie Brown, with his head in his hands.

London-based news site Middle East Monitor tweeted this image by Carlos Latuff.

Other cartoonists around the world added their efforts to the British cartoons.


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