Best Health Gadgets: We Test Super Toothbrushes, Laser Beard Trimmers And More

22/01/2015 15:54 GMT | Updated 22/01/2015 15:59 GMT

'New Year, New You' is an awful lot of effort. Not only do you have to do silly things like stop drinking, you'll also be required to spend a fortune on a gym that you'll never use, a bicycle you'll never ride and a musical instrument that you'll look at longingly until finally a friend comes round, picks it up, and plays flawlessly in front of you and all your other friends.

Perhaps there's an answer to all this: technology.

Health gadgets are big business, whether it's fitness trackers to help you get moving or sleep monitors to make sure you get a good nights sleep.

Ranging from the reasonable to the nerve-wrackingly expensive these gadgets claim that they can turn you into the perfect person with just five treatments or more. The question is: can they?

We dished out the best the industry can offer to the Huff Post UK Lifestyle and Technology teams with one simple mission: to find out if they actually work.

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