Rick Owens Just Did The Most Outrageous Thing At Paris Fashion Week

24/11/2017 22:34 GMT

American fashion designer Rick Owens sent four male models down the runway with everything hanging out during his Autumn/Winter 2015 Paris Fashion Week show.

We're talking full-frontal. And we thought guys in polo necks was a little out-there.

Before you scroll down, here's a heads up: these pictures are not for the workplace.

Rex Features


You know that thing when more is more? Not in this case. Really not.

Post show, #dickowens and #freethepeen (lol) were trending on Twitter and Instagram - because, of course they were.

Though those on the front row got much more than they bargained for, the models themselves were cool about exposing themselves.

"It was not a thing at all," one model told the Guardian. "I just noticed it when I looked at the photo board and saw that there were cocks hanging about. Ha!"

As for what Owens himself had to say about *those* penis peeopholes?

"It's a little bit of juvenile transgression," he explained to "Boys with their dicks out is such a simple, primal, childish gesture."

This is a fashion designer who embraces shock-value but was this a tad to much? Tell us what you think @MyDailyUK.

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